Errata (2nd edition)

(Errata for the first edition are here.)


Page xxii, paragraph 3, line 4:

"A list of projects .. is provided on page xxvi."
should read   
".. on page xxviii."

Chapter 1

Page 13, Section 1.12:

"void changeName(String)"
should read
" void changeName(String replacementName)"

(This applies only if you use a more recent version of BlueJ. The display of signature has changed in BlueJ.)

Chapter 4

Page 101, line 10:
"LogReader" should be "LogfileReader"

Chapter 6

Page 173, paragraph 4, line 4 and line 9:

"...apply method..."
should read
"...applyPreviousOperator method..."

Chapter 12

Page 370, 3 lines up from bottom:

The word 'TestAddressBook' should be 'AddressBookTest'.

Appendix D

Page 431, Table D.1:

first row: – should be –– (minus symbol should be double minus)

second row: == should be –– (double equals should be double minus)