Errata (first edition)

Chapter 3

Page 64, Exercise 3.16
"How many times would you need to call the tick method..."
should read  
"How many times would you need to call the timeTick method..."

Chapter 4

Page 82, 10 lines down:
"a notebook has a numberOfItems method, we have ... "
should read
"a notebook has a numberOfNotes method, we have ... "

Chapter 6

Page 158, section 6.7.1, line four:

"... the CalcTestEngine class ..."
should read
"... the CalcEngineTester class ...

Page 161, paragraph 4, line 4 and line 9:

"...apply method..."
should read
"...applyPreviousOperator method..."

Chapter 7

Page 182, setExits method:

Semicolons are missing at the end of each second line. It should read correctly:

        if(north != null)
            exits.put("north", north);
        if(east != null)
            exits.put("east", east);
        if(south != null)
            exits.put("south", south);
        if(west != null)
            exits.put("west", west);

Chapter 9

Page 248, Code 9.5:

In the code sample, the return statement has a pair of brackets behind title() which shouldn't be there. The return statements should be:

        return title;

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