Javascript for BlueJ, BlueJscript

Damiano Bolla, University of Kent at Canterbury, March 2005


The main goal is to devise an architecture that interfaces with BlueJ and provides the necessary tools to write and deploy either interactive tutorial material or external control on what the user is doing with BlueJ.

A tutorial example

What we are exploring now is aan example that demonstrate BlueJscript capabilities. It shows what can be done and gives a good starting point to understand the rest of the documentation. To run the example you need the following elements

Once you have downloaded the project and opened it you should see something like this.

The tutorial will lead a student for a few pages and then it will stop. This should give a feeling of what can be done.

To be able to write your own tutorial or interaction script you need to do at least two things.

It is however very important that you have a broad view of the architecture of BlueJscript and a better understanding of the abailable components

It is strongly suggested that you read trough all the manual in the order it is proposed. It should be easier to understand the relation between the components.


This project would not have been so beautiful if I had to develop many of the technologies by myself. It is a splendid example on how it is possible to integrate various components and obtain a new system that behave as expected. I must therefore thanks all the following for their work and effort.