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Exercises and Assignments

Zork 1

"Zork 1" is a skeleton of a simple adventure game. It is entirely text based, and users can enter commands such as "go north" to move through some rooms. The skeleton can be used as a starting point for an assignment.

Author(s): Michael Kölling (

Submitted by: Michael Kölling

Known uses: I have used it for a four week assignment in semester two of first year. I have given the code to students and set some tasks such as finding out what the classes do, explaining them to peers, making small modifications, etc. Students then invented their own scenario ("Escape from Alcatraz", "Finding a toilet in a shopping centre", "The curse of the mummy", ...) and implemented their own game from it.

Hints for use: -

See also: -

Link(s): the code:     zork1
              handout (text, pdf format): zork1.pdf


Self-Test Centre - Short Java programming exercises

A set of about 50 short Java programming exercises. Covers basic programming constructs, use of AWT components and utility classes. Exercises available as Word files.

Author(s): R.A Clarke (

Submitted by: R.A Clarke

Known uses: -

Hints for use: Use Self-Test Centre link below; then see the section labelled "Java Exercises" after entering the web site.

See also: -

Link(s): Self-Test Centre



Shapes Labs - A collection of lab exercises using the shapes example

A set of 5 labs based on the shapes example, which is included in the BlueJ example projects (and also used in the Objects First book). Labs are available as Word files.

Author(s): Bruce Kahn (

Submitted by: Bruce Kahn

Known uses: Used as introdcution in CS1 course.

Hints for use:-

See also: -

Link(s): Zip file with five Word files:



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