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Bouncing Balls

"Bouncing Balls" is a demo program that lets two balls bounce across the screen. It uses the Canvas class for graphical output (also available in this resource collection). It can be used as a demo for showing how to use the Canvas and how to do animation.

Author(s): Bruce Quig

Submitted by: Michael Kölling

Known uses: I have used this demo in the lecture to show animations and got students to execute and modify it in a lab class.

Hints for use: This demo works very well with the debugger. Set a breakpoint in the main loop and single step through. You can see the balls be drawn, being erased, drawn again at a different location, etc. A real eye-opener for students to see how animation is done.

See also: The Canvas class (included in this demo)

Link(s):  bouncingball


Demo program collection

A web site with a small collection of nice, graphical demo programs (including a clock, function plotter, sorting animation, ...). Text is in German, but programs should be useable even for non-German speakers.

Author(s): Manfred Fettinger

Submitted by: Manfred Fettinger

Known uses: Nothing special. Just some examples.

Hints for use:

See also:





maintained by Michael Kölling.