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The NetBeans BlueJ plugin tutorial and Lab Notes

The BlueJ plugin for NetBeans IDE helps you to "make the jump" from BlueJ to a full-featured IDE, either when your projects have grown too big to fit comfortably into BlueJ, or when you want to use features such as drag-and-drop GUI building or Web Services development which BlueJ doesn't directly support.

The material here will help you to get started using the BlueJ plugin, and explain how it is different from BlueJ, and what it adds to NetBeans. It won't try to describe everything that you can do with BlueJ (or NetBeans). For that, you should check out the information on the BlueJ or NetBeans main web sites.

The BlueJ plugin adds two significant features to NetBeans :

  • It allows NetBeans to open, work with and create BlueJ projects in the BlueJ-native format (without converting them to-and-from NetBeans standard projects), so that you can do some of your work in NetBeans and some back in BlueJ, wherever you feel comfortable.
  • It adds a BlueJ View tab to the NetBeans Project Window which gives a familiar view of your BlueJ projects.

This brief tutorial consists of three sections:

Or there's an extended version of the brief tutorial by Dana Nourie

There is also a more extended introduction, in the form of a Laboratory Exploration, describing how a BlueJ project can be manipulated in detail using NetBeans.


For discussion and support of the NetBeans BlueJ plugin, please use the netbeans-bluej mailing list.

For materials, support and information about using NetBeans itself in education, go to the NetBeans in Education Community, and join the nbedu mailing list.

Here you can find the list of issues which are currently tracked for the NetBeans BlueJ plugin.

Please file bugs and enhancement requests into the bug tracking system
using component ide and subcomponent bluej, or just use this prepopulated template.

Other Resources (based on previous versions of NetBeans & BlueJ)

  • A video on NetBeans/BlueJ from the Sun Developer Network.
  • If you really want to see how far you can take the Zuul-for-netbeans project, check out Brian Leonard's excellent Zuul everywhere tutorial.

If you have any material you could share through this page, please contact Ian Utting or mention it on the netbeans-bluej mailing list.


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