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Learning Java / Help with Java programming problems

The BlueJ support team receives regular enquiries about problems which are actually simply Java problems and which are not specific to BlueJ at all. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to answer these questions. Here are some suggestions for where you can get help with Java problems, including programming problems.

If you are looking for help with a particular problem:

  1. Ask your instructor or tutor. That's what they're there for!
  2. The Java DZone forum. This is a free forum for all sorts of Java programming questions.
  3. The Usenet discussion board, another place for Java questions.
  4. JavaRanch, a "friendly place for Java greenhorns", has tutorials and more forums.
  5. Use a search engine, such as Google.

If you are looking for resources to teach you how to program in Java, try:

  1. There is a series of tutorial videos, which use BlueJ, by zaychenok. First video, Second, Third
  2. Another video tutorial using BlueJ is here (although be warned, the speaker gets his terms mixed up quite a bit)
  3. The "official" Java tutorials
  4. javabeginner has a series of tutorials (not based on BlueJ)

More advanced tutorials:

  1. This is the first in a is a series of lectures on Data Structures by Jonathan Shewchuk at Berkeley University of California.
  2. This video is a debugging tutorial.



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