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Read-Me for (MBCS separate project download)


This zip file creates a folder, BlueJ_Code, with 5 different projects in it. The 5 projects contain the same files as the single MBS Code folder, but are broken down into the smaller chunks you would actually use as you go from chapter to chapter of the MBS case study. Each project contains only those files that are needed for that project, which makes for cleaner class diagrams.


The "existing" program that Pat runs in Chapter 1 (and that your students will run in exercises) and that Jamie explains in Chapter 2.


The first simple program that Pat looks at in Chapter 1.


The second simple program that Pat looks at in Chapter 1, which uses the Simulation class.


Most of this code is the same as in Chaps1and2MBSGUI except for the Fish class, which has the additional code for breeding and dying. If your students have made modifications to the Fish class in the Chaps1and2MBSGUI folder, they may want to follow the directions in FishModsForChap3.txt instead to add breeding and dying to their own modified Fish class in Chaps1and2MBSGUI.


This project has the same code as the Chaps1and2MBSGUI project, with the addition of the DarterFish and SlowFish classes. Students can copy the Fish class from either the Chaps1and2MBSGUI or Chapter3 folders into this project to get their modified Fish class or the out-of-the-box Fish with breeding and dying.

Warning: Since each project contains only those files that are needed for that project, the Chaps1and2MBSGUI and Chapter3 projects do not contain the DarterFish and SlowFish classes, which are not used until Chapter 4. When running these projects, students should avoid the darter.dat, darterAndNormalFish.dat, slowAndNormalFish.dat, and 3species.dat configuration files in the DataFiles folder. Opening these files will result in error messages, because the program will not be able to instantiate DarterFish and SlowFish objects. They can, however, run the program with fish.dat, onefish.dat, boundaryFish.dat, fullEnv.dat, and manyFish.dat.

The projects and this ReadMe text were created by Alyce Brady.


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