Interactive Portable Tutorial

This tutorial is taken from the book

David J. Barnes & Michael Kölling
Objects First with Java
A Practical Introduction using BlueJ

What we are interested on is to demonstrate the use of BlueJscript to take the user to go trough the book in a simple way. The first thing that will happen if for the user to choose a place where to store the actual BlueJ project and then go on on the tuotrial.

If you are viewing this page using BlueJscript

To start the tutorial just select the start hyperlink. This also demonstrate how you can send jvascript commands to BLueJscript from within a portable HTML page

Start the portable tutorial

If you are using your preferred browser

You can send a javascript command to BlueJscript using your preferred browser, but to do it you have to use webservices thechnology (we will see about it later). What to do next, then ?

Simply load this page using BlueJscript. Type the following command into the BlueJscript console.