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BlueJ 2.2.0 preview release notes

This release is a preview release (that is: a release that has not undergone final development and testing) of BlueJ 2.2.0.

The main new feature that we have planned for version 2.2.0 is the addition of teamwork support. It supports team programming by adding version control functionality, allowing students to work in teams on projects where their projects can be stored in a central repository. The initial version supports team projects using CVS as the version control system.

This initial feature preview has been released to allow interested users to get a preview of the additional functionality that version 2.2.0 will possess, and to provide feedback on functionality and possible problems in a wide variety of software infrastructures.

While all BlueJ users are welcome to download and try out this preview version, the main target audience are teachers and other users who have an interest in these new features specifically. To make use of the teamwork features it will be necessary to have access to a suitably configured CVS repository. We encourage and appreciate feedback on the features provided.

Students who are currently using BlueJ in their studies should continue to use the stable release 2.1.3 as their preferred version.

There is also some basic documentation to get started. These are fairly brief guides aimed at those with some prior version control experience. For the final release we will extend these further to be more suitable to students and other end users.

The two documents are :

Quick howto/tutorial of the main features

A guide to setting up cvs repositories

For feedback, please use the bluej-discuss mailing list or mail Thanks.



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