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(The following messages were sent by email to participants. They are archived here for people who register after the message was sent.)

The BlueJ Day will take place in Room 335AB in the conference hotel (Hilton Americas). Registration opens at 9:00am.

Hi everyone,

Some more information for participants of the BlueJ Day.

You will all have seen the program by now, so you have a rough idea of timing.

The first session starts at 9:30.

We will be there for you to register and pick up name tags and some other goodies from 9:00am.

The event will take place in room 335AB in the conference hotel.

I would also like to remind everyone of the planned "Poster Wall". Maybe I should stop calling it "Poster Wall" as this makes it sound so official. Lets call it the "Share-your-material-Wall".

The idea is that people show some resource here that other people might be interested in re-using. This could be a lot of things:

- an assignment
- a demo project
- a lab session
- reading material
- web based material
- slides
- a way to explain something
- ...

You do not need to prepare a lot. THESE DO NOT HAVE TO BE WELL-PREPARED POSTERS. (End of shouting.) If you have, for example, an assignment handout, just take it as it is an put it up there. Just add your name and contact details, so that people can contact you to get copy if they are interested.

I would really REALLY like to see some variety of material up there.

We will be 50 people at the event. So far, 2 people have volunteered (48 have not). How about we try to get this up to 48 people putting something up there (and 2 can make excuses)... :-)

Seriously, please consider whether you can contribute something. I am sure just about all of you could.

That's it for now - probably the last mail before the event. I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Hello everyone,

You have registered for the BlueJ Day, 1st March, in Houston -- welcome!

This mail is to give you some more information, and to ask for your participation.

We have set up this mailing list specifically for providing information for that day. The list address is not published anywhere, it is moderated, and the list will be deleted after the day.

We have had many proposals for topics to address during the day -- many more than we can explicitly accommodate with specific sessions. Some ways we will try to cater for the wide variety of interest, and try to make the day more interactive, are these:

  • We have planned tea, coffee and lunch breaks long enough (we hope)
    to allow plenty of opportunity to chat, ask questions, and bring up any
    topic close to your heart. These breaks are explicitly planned as being
    part of the event, where discussion can continue. We will provide tea
    and coffee and lunch on site, so that people do not have to wander off
    to find their own food.

  • The closing session will be largely in 'question and answer'
    style, giving you a chance to bring up topics for discussion. We will
    collect questions for this throughout the day.

  • A "poster wall", for you to put up your own things. (More on this below.)

One of the most popular suggestions was to have a session in which project and assignment ideas are presented. This is the "Nifty projects" session in the program (see ). For this session, we need your input!

We know that many of you have much to contribute that may be of interest to others. So, here are two ways we would like you to consider in which you can contribute to the day:

ACTION FOR YOU! (if you like):

(1) Present a project idea in the Nifty Projects session.

Do you have a nice project you use with your students? This can be
anything from a small example to illustrate a single point to a larger
assignment. If so, consider sharing it with us. It's very easy. The whole
session is only 20 minutes long, so anyone presenting their project
will not get a lot of time. Not much preparation needed, not much work
for you. Just stand up, describe your project, and point us to potentially
available resources. We will distribute the information in writing as well.
(Showing a slide with a screenshot may be possible.) Please volunteer!

(2) Stick something up on the "Poster Wall".

The name is maybe a bit misleading -- these do not need to be
"posters" in any formal sense. These can be description of any useful
materials or ideas in any form you like. I know that many of you have
interesting lesson plans, exercises, labs, and other support material.
Please consider sharing these! Pick your best thing from your course,
produce a short description in writing, and stick it up on the wall.
We hope that we can arrange the wall next to the coffee area, so that
people can have a look and ask the authors questions over coffee.
If you are prepared to do this -- and please do! -- then send me a short
note just so that I know whether we will have none or 20...

And one last request: If your plans have changed and you are not able to attend, please tell us. Due to room size, we are restricted to 50 participants, and the spaces are almost filled up now.

If you have any questions or ideas, please mail us. We would like to make this as interactive as possible, and you input is welcome.

Looking forward to see you all in Houston soon,

Michael K├Âlling, for the BlueJ Team



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