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Material from the Day

There are slides (and some of the posters) used during presentations of the BlueJ day. This is, unfortunately, the only material we have to publish. Most sessions contained demos that were not recorded. If you want to know more - come to the next BlueJ Day!

Presentation slides

Intro talk: The Dark Side Of The Moon (pdf, 10.4Mb) - Michael Kölling

Teaching with BlueJ: Getting started (ppt, 201kb) - David Barnes

Writing extensions (ppt, 123kb)- Ian Utting

Using the debugger (ppt, 117kb) - Davin McCall

Introduction to Greenfoot (ppt, 201kb) - Poul Henriksen

Nifty projects:

Lynn Lambert's projects (ppt, 286 kb)

Rathika Rajaravivarma's projects (ppt, 86kb)

Using the submitter (ppt, 118kb)- Ian Utting

Unit testing (JUnit) support (ppt, 100kb) - Bruce Quig

BlueJ scripting (ppt, 243kb) - Matt Jadud
(and accompanying material - scripts, projects, etc.)

User talks:

Exploiting Automatic Testing in BlueJ (pps, 243kb) - Michael E. Caspersen
(projects used in demo: date-with-test, department-employee)

Hello PigWorld (ppt, 1Mb) - Raymond Lister
(projects used in the demo: PigWorld, RabbitWorld)
(also: a paper about PigWorld from the digital library)

Experiences Using BlueJ's Submitter With An Automated Grader (pdf, 471kb) - Stephen Edwards

Design Pattern Support for BlueJ (ppt, 780kb) - Michael Nairn, Jim Paterson, John Haddow

Shared material

Programming Assignment Ideas (pdf) - Stephen Edwards, Virginia Tech

A syllabus for a BlueJ course (doc) - Brian Hanks, Fort Lewis College

Using BlueJ in a Data Structures Course (pdf) - J.H. Paterson, M. Birch, J. Haddow, A. Monaghan, Bell College







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