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Meet the BlueJ team

At the BlueJ Day, members of the BlueJ design and development team are available for chats and discussion.

Travel and accommodation

To arrange accommodation, use the main SIGCSE 2006 web site.




The First BlueJ Day was held on 1st March 2006 in conjunction with the ACM SIGCSE 2006 conference in Houston, Texas.

What is the BlueJ Day?
How to participate

The BlueJ Day is a one-day mini-conference for current and potential BlueJ users. All users - experienced and beginners - should find plenty of interesting content.

The purpose of the BlueJ Day is to learn about anything BlueJ - get useful insights, discover expert uses, exchange ideas with other users, or find out the basics of how to use it. (Have a look at the program.)

The BlueJ Day is intended as an additional option for SIGCSE attendees.

The BlueJ Day is now over - so it is too late to participate in person for this time.

A collection of materials from the day is here.


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