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BlueJ is a project at La Trobe University, Australia, and the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. The project is supported by Sun Microsystems.

Implementation - The following people contributed to the source code

Damiano Bolla, Michael Cahill, Kasper Fisker, Poul Henriksen, Michael Kölling, Bruce Quig, Davin McCall, Clive Miller, Dave Musicant, Markus Östman, Andrew Patterson, Axel Schmolitzky, Ian Utting, Marion Zalk.

Interface translations - The following people contributed interface translations

Afrikaans: Petri Jooste
Catalan: Departament d'Educació Catalonia, Santiago Manrique
Chinese: Knowledge Eng. Group, Tsinghua University
Czech: Petr Skoda, Rudolf Pecinovsk√Ĺ
Danish: Kenneth Johnson, Jacob Nordfalk
Dutch: Peter van Diepen
French: Patrice Moreaux
German: Axel Schmolitzky, Claus Hentschel, Ferdinand Kasper, Thomas Röfer
Greek: Ioannis G. Baltopoulos

Italian: Angelo Papadia, Luzio Menna

Japanese: Runrun
Korean: Suk-Hyung Hwang
Persian: M. Shahdoost
Portuguese: Frederico Guedes Pereira
Russian: Alexey Vasiltchenko
Slovak: Roman Horv√°th
Spanish: Iván Alfonso Guarín V.
Swedish: Markus Östman


Tutorial translations - The following people translated the BlueJ tutorial

Chinese: Knowledge Eng. Group, Tsinghua University
Czech: Petr Skoda
French: Groupe Sigma
Greek: Tasos Zervos
Hebrew: Nurit Reich
Italian: Vito Di Viggiano
Japanese: Alberto Palacios Pawlovsky
Korean: Suk-Hyung Hwang & Korean BlueJ User Group members
Portuguese: João Luiz Silva Barbosa
Romanian: Adrian Popa and Irina Dumitrascu
Russian: Vyacheslav Yakovenko
Spanish: Iván Alfonso Guarín V. and Germán Bordel
Swedish: Set Lonnert


...and, finally, here is a picture of a Bluejay!


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